Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Lai Kuan Lin


Lin is Chinese but spent most of his K-pop days with the Korean boy band Wanna One. He made his debut in C-dramas with A Little Thing Called First Love which was a hit for him. Recently, I watched him in the C-drama Love the Way You Are and I will admit I was smitten. He does have that sweet personality. I have to wonder if he was lost in the crowd in the massive boyband he was in. Also, Love the Way You Are was based on K-drama Something in the Rain.

I had started Something in the Rain but could never get passed the first episode. I loved the first episode of Love the Way You Are. I can't say it was all Lin's doing. I felt the writers took a more pleasant approach. And the writing was much tighter. We learn by the second episode or so of the FL & ML's family past. Although, I do wonder if it is still needed to have those sort of back stories in a drama. To some, that's what makes it a drama. But I felt he did the ML very well as the nice guy, which is not easy to do.  And I look forward to more of his dramas. 

Lin has gotten back to performing with Korean Rapper Wooseok. So he hasn't left South Korea completely.


  1. Yes, sometimes it's hard being the nice guy! Not to mention being in a boy band. Glad you're enjoying Lai Kuan Lin. 😀

  2. Não conhecia,mas gostei de conhecer!

  3. Me gusta no he visto ninguno de sus dramas. Tal vez, lo haga pronto. Te mando un beso.


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