Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Kunlun Tomb


Only 16 episodes! But it's reported that nearly 7,000 special effects shot were used in making this spectacular Tomb Raiding drama!

It's adapted from the author and screenplay writer of Eagles and Youngster (which is one of my favorite dramas) Zhang Mu Ye has a way of HP Lovecraft storytelling. Add a little indigenous vibe and you've got a great story.

Nonetheless, you have actor Pan Yue Ming leading the way who got his start as a TV host. Naturally, in a tomb raiding drama you need a sidekick named Fatty. (this has worked wonderfully for that Lost Tomb series, but not to be confused.) I feel the script is tightly written. No time for meandering. Instead, let the adventure begin! Such an awesome beginning to this story. I loved the first episode.

"The monsters are really life-like and that part of the scene is both scary and funny, which is my favorite scene," Pan told China Youth Daily.


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