Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Casually fashionable


It's hard to say the budget of ARE YOU SAFE. Sometimes, I do wonder if the costume department is just deconstructing shirts and sewing them to another. Of course, Rong Zi Shan is the younger one yet taller than the ML Tan Jian Ci by quite a few inches. [Side story- I was all of four and at stockshow in Dallas with my mom and there was a cowboy celebrity she was dying to meet..but little old me got to him first. I grabbed his hands and stepped on top of his cowboy boots and looked up at him and said, "You're a lot shorter in real life." Of course, I'm actually quite short myself..but I always pick up on this while watching a drama.] Back to Rong..I'm pretty sure they loved putting him in outfits. He even got to crossdress a few times (you'd think that would be outlawed in China but not yet). Although, my favorite was a hat he wore which was taking the bill off a cap and then putting a little extra fabric to roll it back for a soft brim. Not quite the "jugheadhat from the Archies" yet very modern and cool. It made me want to DIY one of my old caps.

Rong is just sixteen but has quite a few dramas under his belt. His character is quite the sweetheart always trying to find the bad guy any way he can. Usually on the computer. I would like to find his drama THE BAD KIDS to watch from 2020.

While Tan who is the main lead in this cyber drama, is getting to be much more casual than other dramas I have seen him in. You even get to see him smile and laugh. Of course, they do get into a lot of dangers along the way. They aren't always hiding out at their computer.

And they do find some beautiful cool buildings to use for many of the locations in this Chinese drama.


  1. that's a fun story. :) And yeah I'm surprised crossdressing isn't verboten in China either!

  2. Gracias por la reseña. Lo tendré en cuenta. Te mando un beso.

  3. It sounds like there's a lot of fun fashion in this one! Also, I really enjoyed your story about calling your mom's celebrity cowboy crush short! Kids, they say the darndest things!


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