Friday, October 7, 2022

Soinam Niam


I can't even tell you who he exactly plays in Kunlun Tomb..but..oh my..he's like a Chinese Jesus. He carries the sword that will kill those angry wolves. But seriously, he should be the leading man. We first see him on a horse in a tribal garb that reminds one of more of what they wear in native India. And of course, in this show he is a man of the land and yet you feel an indigenous feel to it. As these nomads live in tents. There is a scene where he has his hair down and it is very long and he's praying before they go off to find the tomb. That's when he takes the sword. But usually, his hair is wound up in something kind of like a turbon but not completely. Oh, and such a natural fantastic smile he has too!

Borned on the 4th of July in Sichuan, China. Dramas he's been in Gongga Mountain, Love Distance and Kunlun Tomb.


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