Sunday, February 5, 2023

Deano & Caitlin


Caitlin and Megan

What's the hardest thing about being new parents?

DEANO: I feel my energy level is gone. (he smiles) I mean, there are some amazing moments that I'm so glad to be a part of and then there is so much to do. I don't know if I keep track of it all, but yeah I'm nothing like the old me. (He almost cracks up but looks sad too) Sleep will never be the same.

CAITLIN: I need more sleep. More hours in the day. Somedays I don't want to adult at all. (she sighs) I just don't know how some people do it. And I know I'm not nice enough to my husband who does so much more than I do. (she winces a smile) I'm trying. And I love Hannah, I do. (she yawns) But it's exhausting too.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

A face in the crowd


It wasn't exactly the date from hell, but it could have been. At least Ronnie was thinking it when Nina showed up at the bar.

"You don't need to be here," Ronnie said right away. It wasn't even Ronnie's shift. This was supposed to be a fun night. Some bikers were to come by and well, it would be a party. But that hadn't happened yet either.

Oh, Nina looked like a bride ready for a red wedding. She was in a bitchy mood. Evidently, Rick had left her.

"But..but he said he'd be back," Ronnie reminded her. "He just went to Denver with a load from Walmart." Still, Ronnie could imagine Nina's beau in a jackknife or something. Ronnie shook the thought. It was icy weather. After all, it was February. 

"Why? Why does he do this to me?" It was hard to say if Nina was sad or just mad. They'd made plans. They were going to have the best time of their life, a Heart-shaped bath, and roses to boot at that new hotel out by Menards. They specialized in romantic nights.

"I know you've both sacrificed a lot," Ronnie nodded holding on to a beer mug and watching the suds die. "Both of you. He just wants to get ahead. He wants you to have that life you always wanted. You know, a new house, a new pickup truck, a pool in the backyard."

Hell, none of it was cheap. Ronnie imagined but didn't think too hard on it. After all, Ronnie stayed at the rundown motel just down the road. It had been years of not living high on the hog. They were the exact opposites and yet good drinking friends.

"It'll be better next year," Ronnie nodded and took another sip of beer while Nina drank her Tequilla sunrise in one gulp and asked for another.

"Girl, you need to slow down," Ronnie sighed. Nina would be dancing on the table by the next round. It was going to be a long night. A long night of Valentine's blues, but this is what happens when you're in love with your best friend.

Friday, February 3, 2023

The End of the World with You


In 10 days, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. To spend his remaining time as comfortably as possible, bad-luck magnet Masumi decides to visit the library of his alma mater and read as much as he wants until the end comes. But in this hellish world, he meets a devil there: the one man from his past that he never wanted to see again, Ritsu. And if things weren't bad enough, Ritsu has a favor to ask, a favor that Masumi could never have expected—Marukido Maki weaves an eccentric tale of human connection in a world on the brink of destruction in this emotional journey that will take its readers on a wild ride.

Seto Toshiki truly expresses how it feels that the world is ending soon as soon as he hears the news on TV. Naturally, he just wants to play games on his phone until the server goes down. He really is a delight in this part. A thinker. A writer. And of course, in love with the wrong guy.

I really felt this is such a well-written show. Exposing the depths of a relationship and how to face the ultimate nightmare. However, this is NC-17. But when you've got such kissable lips as Nakata Keisuke..I guess it's understandable○( ^皿^)っ Hehehe…

8 short episodes on Viki. Possibly it will be turned into a movie after these shows are aired. It's based on the manga with the same name except in Japanese. On the downside, there have been a few BL dramas lately about the End of The World Premise. Yet, I feel this is one of the better ones with some very meaningful characters taking the drama into the complex feels.