Friday, January 22, 2021

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Beautiful people

True Beauty a K-drama you need to watch!

 Based off a web story is the bitter-sweet drama starring Hwang In Yepo, Moon Ga Young and Chan Eun Woo (Gotta say he's more fetching and brooding than ever!)

The story is about a girl with a lot of pimples who finds YouTube and Makeup and thus makes herself over to have not one but two Flower Boys swooning over her. This one has back stories, first loves and all sorts of entanglements with mean girls and even a sisromance included in this drama. Yes, it is so worth the watch!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tuesday thoughts


Reading: I started reading Julia Quinn's The Other Miss Bridgerton which is a prequel. It seems our library has the Bridgerton series on back order. I think they'd discarded much of it since no one was checking it out, but with the Netflix series, everyone wants it now. I gotta say I am not really a "Regency" kind of reader so I doubt I get through it.

Writing: I kind of went on a tangent with Megan and Caitlin. It's winter and I do get a bit demented when I write, but I wanted to keep going just to see for myself. Hopefully, it isn't too weird or dark. It's just I don't know how some people will react (of course, I am not writing for the masses..still it's a balance "Am I writing for me or for Them?") Thus I neglected a couple of other writing projects that I want to see through, too. Hopefully, I will get to them. As always I keep going with ELLIE even if it annoys some since there are so many characters and I might not be writing about the characters they would want to see more of. Sometimes, I feel their story is finished..or I want to rest from that storyline. But then their is my boyfriend who thinks I should just chunk it and forget writing, but I'm still trying.

Listening: I've had Pass This On by THE KNIFE on repeat. I have it on an old mix. I first heard this song in the French Canadian movie Heartbeats. I love the tropical music background and it's kind of a strange yet addictive song.

Thinking: I've been thinking about work. I wish we could modify our hours more. A co-worker finally confessed she has her grandparents at her house and they have COVID. Hopefully, everyone is OK. It's just strange that grandparents from out of state would be visiting now. I knew she hadn't been feeling well. Anyway, it scares me. And I hope it will all work out and I will be safe, too. Another co-worker got out of the hospital but he is still on oxygen.

Smelling: I have been dabbling in my essential oils arsenal. I have tried a few DIY perfumes and I love Patchouli. Balance is a sincere fragrance and I love to have some on standby.

Wishing :  I am wishing I would exercise more. I know I must. I just can't exercise that diligently. Also my back is still a little sore, but I do feel better. And I need more mint green tea. I am trying to stock up. Also I wish for a better year with more sensible people around.

Waiting: Waiting for the vaccine and trying to stay home and finding all the joy I can around the house. Of course, there are the stories I continue to explore.

Wearing: Clothes I wear around the house. It's a no bra day. Nothing pretty. Comfortable polka-dot pj pants and a blue tee that it came with that I found at CVS. Some of my favorite clothes are from CVS these days. Who would have thunk it, but the cardigan I have is lightweight and cozy!

Wanting: I to be a good friend yet I need to say no sometimes. I have a friend who loves to call me and rant about her week, but she never has time to listen to me.

Thanks Tay!