Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Could he get any sweeter?


Cha Woo Min's first K-Drama! & BL at that!

This BL K-Drama Tastey Florida is more fluff than anything. It revolves around a rooftop noodle cafe. Granted there are a few questions you might ask what do they do if a rainstorm comes. Lord knows, how cold it gets in Seoul in the wintertime. Still, you have Cha Woo's character fresh off the to speak who is living in the room that the chef of this cafe used to live in. Naturally, we get almost some hot moments of these two interacting. This drama will be developed in a movie. BL K-dramas are nowhere near the caliber of BL T-dramas (Taiwan). Still, this has a subtle approach of love in the city (BL style) and many will be ready to savor it. And fresh-faced Cha Woo Min (all of 20) is making a great debut. I hope we see him in all kinds of dramas. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Monday, October 18, 2021

Spiritober: The cardigan


It's the essential! Things are cooling off and you just never know when something might heat up the night or the weekend on those little outings. Make the most of your cardigan. Each year I head out to thrift one. Although, some years are better than others. Especially, hang on to those your grammy might have knitted for gramps. Those are absolutely the best!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

6. a face in the crowd


Geo soon learned in school that he was too good-looking for his own good. He wasn't sure what that meant, but he tended to make a lot of teachers mad. Once a sub hit him in the head with an erasure. Of course, it didn't phase him much. 

Yes, he had a following back then and his Art Teacher made him feel like he could possibly be a gangster with his posse of friends. Still, he was polite with his teacher. Although, his teacher was always upset and never took his artwork seriously. People tended to want to talk with Geo as if the teacher wasn't there. Geo did his best to keep a low profile. He knew he was far from becoming a popstar. After all, he liked his buddies. But he wasn't sure they all liked him.

Especially, when someone stole his student planner. When it was found there were all sorts of evidence that he was the one. A threat. Possibly ready to bomb the school. He was put on the Police Watch List.

Of course, he got an earful from his mother. "How come you can't keep up with anything?" People used his lunch card all the time. He rarely ever ate lunch. 

Before he knew it, he was suspended from school, but he took it as a vacation. A time to get through all the Anime he'd collected over the past few years. Honestly, he wanted to hate everyone. Why did someone envy him so much? Finally, he got around to catching up on all those art projects his teacher warned him about. 

And while he was away they caught the real culprit at school. He knew then maybe it was best to only have a friend or two. Yet, deep down, he was a nice guy. After all, even his art teacher actually liked him. 

[Evan Lin]