Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hello My Girl

Funny, these two were in a fantasy together, Douluo Continent. They were supporting players. Her character was evil and could become other people, while he possessed the power of fire. Although, they were rarely in a scene together. Now (2022) Hello My Girl..he's a college student far from home and she is his senior who has a hard time having enough money while taking classes at the University. There might be close to an 8 years difference in their age. This is basically a drama of surviving in college. Of course, as soon as she sees him, he looks like a money opportunity. Yet, she does find him a dorm room. Although, they are a bit of an odd bunch. This drama gives more of a local flavor of how those live in northeast China where it gets colder and stays colder compared to the lighter climate of Shanghai where the more wealthy live, or at least it's a city for the up and coming.

The FL Huang Can Can is much more likable in this drama than some I have seen her in. She has a younger fresher look too. But I can see ML Ao Zi Yi has matured in this drama since Douluo Continent. He was quite the confident street-smart suiter in Unicorn Girl. He is actually a performer and singer and he might be the reason many stay tuned to this drama. Although, don't expect any major romance. This is basically about friendships in college.  I really enjoyed the first episode. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Oh, it's a cozy mystery

Oh, you need a boyfriend like Bax who's friends with everyone. Especially at a music fest in Portland. Cause, you just never know when murder might be something you have to investigate in the woods while dishing up expresso and lattes in a remodeled horsetrailer.

 (A Ground Rules Mystery #2) [You don't have to read the first one in order to enjoy this one] If you love coffee, Portland, and of course, Music might be a fun summer read..indeed with Duncan's likable characters! Add a mystery and it's quite fun! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Sage Caplin is taking her Portland coffee cart on the road to a sustainable music festival, but murder is an unwanted special guest . . . At Campathon, an annual eco-friendly festival held on a farm outside of Portland, fans celebrate the Pacific Northwest’s music scene in quintessential PDX style—with gourmet food carts, reusable utensils . . . and lots of coffee. How else to get through three days of nonstop entertainment? Sage has scored a coveted place for her Ground Rules coffee cart thanks to her new-ish boyfriend, Bax, who’s friendly with Maya, one of the musicians performing. The festivities begin with a stream of customers, friends, and acquaintances stopping by for Ground Rules’ world-class blends, expertly brewed by Sage and her newest barista. But there are tensions between Maya and her former bandmates, who are on the cusp of making it big, and with Ian, the band’s manager. When Sage stumbles upon Ian’s dead body in the nearby woods—his hand still clutching one of her coffee mugs—it’s clear that someone’s grudge boiled over into murder. Can Sage work out who’s responsible before another innocent life fades out, and the curtain falls on Campathon, and maybe her own future, for good?

Monday, May 16, 2022

Who knew!


Making the ordinary horrific!  Cozy couple Asher Yasbincek & Alex Fitzalen, just to name a few in this extraordinary cast in this survival mode show in its second season on Amazon Prime. THE WILDS.

"You think you know what you've got buried down there... under the surface, but you don't always."

-Dot Campbell

A group of teens must survive after a plane crash leaves them stranded on a deserted island. The girls tell their stories to investigators who slowly piece together what happened to them with Rachel Griffiths at the helm. It's captivating and binge-worthy!

"He never felt like a stranger, even when I didn't know him."-Nora Reid

Get to know their stories. It might be the summer you've been needing for this crazy getaway of a show.