Friday, September 20, 2013


This might be Rick Gervais' greatest role yet.

So Ricky Gervais hit the big time writing and starring in one of the cruellest and blackest television shows to ever air. And is now of all things sloshing around in one of the sappiest shows ever broadcast. Talking Alan Alda directing M*A*S*H levels of sentimental here. Though maybe without the strenuous vote-left-or-die strain Alda shoehorned onto that show.

Watching DEREK today, a cliched adjective kept blaring brightly in the back of my brain.

Ricky Gervais is a Dickensian.

I love Dickens. And believe that GREAT EXPECTATIONS, flawed as it is, is the greatest novel written in the English language. But I’m not sure I mean that term, as I’m applying it to Gervais, in a complimentary manner.-B
Kerry Godliman plays Hannah at the nursing home who's in charge.

Derek, the new Netflix Original Series starring Ricky Gervais, has Nickel Creek’s Doubting Thomas playing right now over a sad ol’ montage.
It was a great show to begin with, but now… now it’s awesome.-phony



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