Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Electrick children

Storyline: Pregnant by music? Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her fundamentally religious family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The search for the child's origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old.
On the look out for the Father of her baby. She's pretty sure he's a musician of some kind. The movie never uncovers who the baby's father really is. We can only speculate. In some parts if did make me think of  MYSTERIOUS SKIN as if a way to cope with abuse was to forget it and look for a certain unknown beauty out there.

Julia Garner is perfect as the role of Rachel in this movie. She's shy, but has found the one true thing that makes her really feel. It all has to do with a song she played on a cassette player. "Hanging on the Telephone." Its electric to the soul.

The cassette player is what the family uses to document their religious experiences and life. Rachel is mazzmerized by this machine when she first sees it and is interviewed on it by her so called Morman Father (Billy Zane.) Her sibling Mr. Will is responsible for this machine. But one night goes wrong when he finds her with it.

Rachel has lived her whole life in the compound and doesn't know anything really about the outside world. Her mother tells her story about the red mustang. We learn in the movie more about the truth of the red mustang.

Clyde (Rory Culkin) is a lost boy of Vegas. He has no purpose until he meets Rachel.

Truly, Garner is captivating as Rachel. Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite indie movies.

There is something about Liam Aikens that just screams period piece when he's in it. He's truly a wonderful actor. And it was great to see him in this role. Perhaps a fish out of water in Vegas as his Mr.Will, but he did make the most of the world he doesn't know.

Rachel's trip to Vegas uncovers the truth of who her father really is. Also Will knows where he belongs and it isn't in Vegas.

What's wonderful about the movie is how one girl with her strange predicament can bring out the good in someone else.

I know who I am. I know this baby is the son of God. Heaven inspired. It’s meant to tell the world God’s will, and God had made sure every step of the way has led me to do his will…. I think.-Rachel



  1. Autumn Hall plays the sister in Electrick Children and wears the purple shown in a purple dress in a lot of the village scenes. It's a beautiful film.


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