Monday, October 28, 2013

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks does it again. He certainly plays Captain Phillips with such emotion..even right to the very end. It really is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I loved the feel of the magnitude of just how big the ship was commanding and how he hoped to be ready for the mission, yet nothing could possibly have him ready for what was to unfold when the pirates got on board the ship. Most definitely one of the top movies this year. However, it is a 2 1/2 hour movie so get that big drink and the maga popcorn for this one.
We do get the pirates perspective of this whole ordeal too which I thought was very intense about how much strife they having in their daily life. Definitely, it let us see the harsh reality of where these people come from making the film all the more intense.

The film is the real deal of how the Navy helped out and how Captain Phillips went alone so his crew would not parish. I had no idea until now just what the life boat looked like and how long he was stranded at sea. A gritty account, but some amazing performances to by everyone involved with this project. 

Captain Richard Phillips: There’s got to be something other than being a fisherman or kidnapping people.
Muse (Somalian Pirate): Maybe in America.

Barkhad Abdi (Muse) was seven years old, his family moved from Somalia to Yemen to escape the civil war. His family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when he was age 14.

Was working as a chauffeur when he was cast in Captain Phillips (2013). He had no previous acting experience or any aspirations to become an actor.

Just been to see Captain Phillips, way better than I expected, Paul Greengrass has done an excellent job directing, it’s so well told.-Sup



  1. This movie looks awesome - Tom Hanks is always brilliant!!


  2. I am a little bit over Tom Hanks, but this looks like something Kyle would love! I will have to tell him about it!


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