Monday, October 21, 2013

Grace Unplugged

Oh..if you've missed AJ from Aly & is where to find her. Now don't be put off if its a film with a moral message. Truly, its a film with a lot of heart with a great cast.

Yes, its a christian film and maybe you thought you would have seen AJ out there doing something by now. However, I'm really glad she did this film. Her voice is beautiful and she's has a way of pulling those heartstrings.

Add Twilight's Michael Welch as Quentin, the intern who keeps bumping into AJ's Grace and you've got yourself a romance brewing.

AJ's Grace is 18 and wants to shake up the music world. Of course, her Dad was a one hit wonder and might have made it into a legend of some kind, but fame got the best of him and he took another path. James Denton definitely show his musical side in the movie. Shawnee Smith plays Grace's mother.

I’m sorry I’m not all the things that you want, all the things that you thought I should be. I guess I’m not like you, not something you’re used to, maybe something brand new, you’ve never seen.
— Misunderstood, Grace Unplugged

When her father's old manager (Kevin Pollak) comes back into their lives planning to rejumenate her father's past career which her Dad passes up because he enjoys being a music pastor in Birmingham, Alabama...Grace decides to put her own spin on her Dad's old hit song.

Honestly, its great to hear AJ's voice through the movie. Also, I really felt Michael Welch's performance was so sincere, too. It was great to see him in this film.

I’ve chased a million things
Bright lights and empty dreams
Now here I am
Right where I thought I wanted to be
I’d trade it all right now
Leave it all and lay it down
To get back to where i belong
Lord, all I’ve ever needed was your love
— All I’ve Ever Needed, AJ Michalka

I was so sure it was just going to be another cheesy family film, but I really felt the movie had a good message. And I liked the music too.

STORYLINE: Grace Unplugged is an Inspirational movie starring Amanda "AJ" Michalka as 18 year old Christian singer/songwriter, Grace Rose Trey. Beautiful, highly talented and restless, Grace is so far undiscovered outside church. She performs there each Sunday with her gifted father Johnny, the praise music director at Freedom Community Chapel, a small town Alabama church. A former rock star, Johnny Trey charted a Billboard number one single 20 years before. When the hits stopped coming he crash landed hard, a one hit wonder. Johnny found Christ and a new life for his family, far from the Hollywood Hills. One day without warning, Grace leaves for Los Angeles. She has landed a record deal with the help of Johnny's ruthless former manager and producer Frank "Mossy" Mostin. Mossy sees in Grace a potential pop superstar - the next Katie Perry. Cutting off contact with her parents, Grace seems prepared to walk away from her Christian faith and music to achieve her long-suppressed fantasy of Hollywood.



  1. This sounds like such a beautiful film. :)

  2. This looks like a fantastic movie - thank you for the recommendation!! xo

  3. It looks cute enough! I am a fan of nice voices too :)


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