Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Room 237

It is a bit of a crazy documentary on a movie that disappointed a lot of critics when it came out..THE SHINING. Even Stephen King didn't care for the movie version of his book, directed by the artsy Stanley Kubrick.

Of course, there wasn't even a maze in the book. Basically, its a story about a family with a bad case of cabin fever..or is it?

Oh, the film is dissected by a few  in journalism and history of that time. First and foremost..we do get the idea that bad things happen when something it built on an Indian burial ground. But its oh so much more..but then again..are they making more out of it than there is.

Did Stan help stage the moonwalk and it was one big secret he just couldn't hide? He mysteriously reveals it with Room 237 as the MOON ROOM.

Another big theory of the movie..Kubrick showing us the sins of our fathers..with little innuendos of the Holocaust. Perhaps it was all this mystery he put into the film that took away from it being a true horror might ask. But of course, there was the blood..from the elevator.

But this project was certainly his and not Stephen King's. Sure, its a film you could definitely study. Maybe backwards and forward..together. Oh..why mayhem you might just find.

This is one documentary that you might watch and then want to watch THE SHINING at least one more time!



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