Friday, November 8, 2013


I've been putting off reviewing this new Tuesday night show on ABC Family..because..its kind of hit and miss.

First off..the main character Miranda (Nicole Gale Angerson) is killed off in the first episode..and comes back a ghost. And Caleb from Pretty Little Liars is the only one who can see her.

I'm not quite sure why he's sticking around Ravenswood, anyway. I mean, he wasn't in love with Miranda who's just a foster kid who wanted to meet her uncle played by the dark and creepy Steven Cabral who is an undertaker who practically lives in the cemetery.

And creepy things do go on in Ravenswood. We soon learn there is a curse on five teens when a solider comes back from war. Or so its told through old newspaper clippings that Britney Oldford's Remy finds in her father's newspaper morgue.

Still..the creepy factor comes and goes. ABC Family still hasn't got the timing right on suspense. Actually, its lagging on Pretty Little Liars as well.

I do find the cast to be stilted in their reactions. Somebody needs to go to emotional bootcamp ..yes..even DAYS OF OUR LIVES didn't teach Tyler Blackburn all the tricks of the trade when it comes to acting.

Still..if you are a Tyler Blackburn'll want to tune in.

I'd love the show more if Caleb did fall in love with ghost Miranda, but he'll be back on PLL by January (Makes one wonder if this show will even have a second season). Its a super-natural show..but it just isn't as natural as you wish it to be. I think a Being Human writer needs to come over and enlighten some on the dark side.



  1. I guess there are a lot of fans on Tumblr..but I'm not sure why they like this show so much.

  2. i gave it a shot, but hated it. to bad. i need something to distract me,


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