Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Critics describe this show as a Nurse Jackie or Homeland. Its a Danish show about a trouble teacher (Mille Dinesen) named Rita at a private school. She is a very strong protagonist and isn't your run of the mill school teacher.

When I saw her I thought of Linda Hamilton, she is definitely an actress to be reckoning with. I find the show far more real than Nurse Jackie, even if I am reading subtitles. Yet its hard to believe she has grown children. Two are no longer in the house which is right next to the school.

Her oldest is engaged to be married. We find out in the first episode that Rita used to date her oldest son's girlfriend's father when Rita was in college.

 It isn't long until we find out that her youngest son Jeppe (Nikolaj Groth) is gay.

Her middle daughter is Molly (Sara Hjort Ditlevsen) who has low self esteem after her last break up with her boyfriend.

Much of the show will surprise you. Especially, Rita's relationship with the principal. Yet there are still these small life lessons that connect to the bigger picture of Rita and her life at home and at school. It is definitely a show to look into on NetFlixs.


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