Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chuck Ragan

Let's face it Chuck is a real American Troubador. He definitely brings his music to the masses. He's been involved with the punk act Hot Water Music, but he's an acoustic solo artist too.  You might hear his sound on the Warp Tour or at an elementary benefit show.

Ragan confesses many of his songs are written on the road. After all, he's busy collaborating with artists like Squirrel Nut Zippers' Chris Phillips and Blind Melon's Chris Thorn.

“Since I’ve started doing the solo thing in 2005 I’ve been consistently writing and I’m not worried about whether I finish a song, I just want to get this down to unburden my soul.” Chuck says about song writing.

His music has a lot of soul of the working man's heart. Yes, its good to know their feelings. 

Chuck Ragan


  1. I think I have heard one of his songs. I will have to give these a listen!


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