Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm Fangirling

Lets just get that eye-candy out of the way, right now!
I do feel Colin made Jenna older and wiser. Perhaps not in the best way, but I think she found the importance of Matty.

Awkward was quite interesting this fall. Jenna took a dive with Colin (Nolan Funk). She really messed up with Matty, by cheating on the more rich and pleasure seeking Colin from her creative writing class. This meant losing her friends as well. The show certainly showed Jenna's darkside. We also got to see Matty's side of the story too. As he still wanted to be there for Jenna. But as the story proved, oh..the grass wasn't always greener on the other side of the fence. Finally, Jenna hits a wall with Colin when his party habits took it too far with him and his ex and her.

Jessica Lu going blond and trending on Awkward.

But it took Jenna a while to get back in the good graces of her friends. Naturally, her friends were having their own troubles with their relationships too. Which I think is always true with our friends. Its just sometimes we don't see those problems because we are too worried about our own.

Unfortunately, Jenna decided to take down the nutty student counselor with an essay. Val ends up losing her job. So part of this season ..near the end we see Jenna trying to get her teacher's job back. She also makes friends with a new girl Bailey, who is in a similar situation that Jenna found herself the first season. A bad roomer that she did the whole football team..when in fact its not true.
I'm glad the writers found Matty's sensitive side because usually, he's a bit oblivious to a lot going on..or is her? He was shaken up last season when Jenna didn't tell him that she'd had a pregnancy scare.
McKaley Miller as Bailey. You might remember her from Hart of Dixie

Anyway, Jenna does find her friendship with Matty, who doesn't go for a girl he'd been dating. But then he meets Jenna's new friend Bailey..and that just might change everything. Because Bailey is  real friend to Jenna. It'll be interesting to see what next season brings on Awkward. We aren't really sure if Jenna is back with Matty or not. She might just like being on her own. I did like the message that it sent this season to all the girls out there. It is OK to dance all by yourself at Prom.


  1. It was such a great season for this show!

  2. I hear the writer goes back to her old school to find out what is bothering students and she uses that for the storylines.


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