Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The good and the bad of 2013

Who would have thunk it? James Spader better than ever in NBC's BLACK LIST, but his show just might be saving NBC this year. Of course, many were thankful that Stephen King came to the rescue on CBS with UNDER THE DOME. Yes, not everything has to be a cop show.
CW's Reign. One of my personal favorites. It was smart. Great cast. Definitely, not the run of the mill CW.

NETFLIX hit it big with ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. However, I'm in the minority that thought their most unique show this past year was HEMLOCK GROVE.
Hemlock Grove was weird, strange with the occasional cute guy doing weird and strange things. Its like the TWIN PEAKS of the year..except it did deliver in the end giving a whole new life to gypsies, tramps and thieves.
And one of the best bromances of the year! Peter & Roman.

While many of us do not approve of  Miley Cyrus' childish behavior to be a modern day Betty Boop. Others think she's just being a woman. Although, I still felt she was being a baby about a lot of things this year. Still there is no denying, she has a talented voice, and she does know how to twerk. So I guess in the end maybe she did get a few things she wanted even if she didn't get married and her folks divorced. Now, lets hope she will do some charity work somewhere. As if..

OK..the worst film I saw this year would have to be MOVIE 43. I wasn't even so bad that it was good. The disgusting humor just landed flat. Even with a star studded cast, it could not help this floundering script.

 While Over 21 was so much better than I ever thought it could be. One of my favorite little gems this year was THE TO DO LIST. It wasn't just another teen movie.

It had whacky Adam Polly! One Of my favorite actors. He's at least on The Mindy Project  now.

What was the best and worst for you this 2013?

Happy New Year!



  1. Oh I am a huge fan of Sleepy Hollow! But I have wanted to check out Rein. I also don't think I have a favorite movie of the year. Maybe Thor 2? Sassy Loki was sassy.


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