Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Contest has to be one of the sweetest movies on the subject of anti-bullying with a great cast. And the idea that bullying just isn't something at school. Just where do bullies learn it from?

The film was recently on Cartoon Network. I'd read that Danny was making it, but I wasn't quite sure where you could see it. The film is not out on DVD.
Danny & Kenton

Its definitely a family movie and of course Daniel Flaherty is perfect for the part. His character Tommy likes to cook in his grandmother's pizza place and actually does his best to stay away from getting bullied. But the bully(Matty) got caught played by SHAKE IT UP'S Kenton Duty and Matty has to play nice if he wants to stay in school.

I loved the way their friendship grows as Matty starts out faking it, but he soon enjoys having meals with Tommy and his grandmother. Family is really missing in his life. His brother is his guardian, and we soon learn where he gets his bullying traits from.

The story was really honest and it was really heartfelt without getting sappy. Of course, Flaherty has a way of being his unique self. I am glad he and Kenton Duty are doing projects like this.
Contest with Daniel Flaherty

TRIVIA: A number of the actors and crew have been involved in anti-bullying efforts around the country prior to being attached to Contest.

STORYLINE: Bullied high school student Tommy (Daniel Flaherty) is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor, Matt (Kenton Duty), the school's most popular student and star athlete. Tommy is suspicious, but is forced to accept the awkward friendship in order to enter a cooking contest with a big prize. And besides, it's so much easier to impress his crush, Sarah (Katherine McNamara), when he's not getting beat up by Matt and his team. As the cooking contest heats up, Sarah sniffs out a conspiracy, but nobody wants to hear about it. Can Tommy trust his budding friendship with Matt or is it all a huge joke on him?



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