Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fiction Tuesday

Need some down home women's fiction to keep you warm this January? Well, guess who has a debut novel?  Sandra Lee. Of course, she is world-wide known for her treats in the kitchen with all the ingredients from the pantry. Now she's written a novel that might make you want to get out and cook something in the kitchen.


Grace Holm-D'Angelo is at her wit's end, trying to create a new life from broken pieces. Newly divorced, she is navigating suddenly becoming a single mother to her fourteen-year-old daughter. Emma, resentful about being uprooted from Chicago to LA and still reeling from the divorce, is generally giving her mother a hard time.

Then Grace's best friend, Leeza, succumbs to breast cancer after a long battle, and Grace realizes that you don't get a second chance at life. She returns to her hometown of New London, Wisconsin, to try to reconcile with her own mother, Lorraine, with whom she's been estranged for longer than she cares to remember.

Over the course of the summer, Grace rediscovers the healing powers of cooking, coming to terms with your past, and friendship, and learns you can go home again, and sometimes that's exactly where you belong.

The Recipe Box celebrates mothers, daughters, and friendships, and also features Sandra's delicious original recipes.

You'll find this book a pleasant read with recipes through-out the novel. Of course, Grace has her hands full with a teenager and a budding romance with a fire-fighter, but then an old flame shows up and of course, her ex. Still, you'll find a sweet fun in this novel. Yet, a part of it is about nurturing our friendships with family too.


  1. I must check this out. Still, its kind of funny how some folks feel about her and her cooking on tumblr.


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