Friday, February 7, 2014


It just had its Winter finale. Now to wonder..will it be back?

I can't say it left us hanging wanting more. The last 15 minutes didn't really push us out there. But the characters who needed to be stopped. Were.

On a whole, I kind of found the premise lame. Its about a curse and how these 5 teenage strangers come together in a Nancy Drew kind of way to stop it. Now what could be so bad about that?

Well, I'm not sure what the writers were trying to prove. Honestly, a good supernatural is pretty much hard to write. Especially, for ABC Family. Evidently.

A part of me wondered how the show would have been if the writers of SyFy's Being Human had gotten a hold of it. True, the demographics of SyFy puts a little bit more of a sex drive into its show with so many demons to battle. Real ones and real life ones. Even so TeenWolf is proving every episode that it is one to be reckoning with. Of course, Ravenswood had neither of this going for it.

We had Caleb Rivers from Rosewood aka Pretty Little Liars to the rescue. And half the time he looked just stunned.

So the main character was killed off in the first episode and comes back as a ghost. Right there killed some viewership. One has to wonder just what sort of message that might be sending to our youth or even middle age housewives. Anyway, if you got past the first episode and you kept watching because its a spin off of Pretty Little might have found Miranda appealing. Perhaps.
That entire church scene was painfully cheesy and I want to pretend it didn’t happen. It made the portal scene in the City of Bones movie look profound and action packed-mbw

But here you have a red herring character in Miranda's so called uncle..Steven Cabral playing Raymond the undertaker. This is the character that had so much potential. If only, he'd gotten more air time..and he might have if the show ran on LifeTime or one of those more 30 something networks. As it was, he'd get a leer ever so often.

Actually, Britne Oldford's Remy was my favorite character. I liked the way she dressed and she was full information. And she was a sleepwalker.
The good kids of Ravenswood turning out to be the bad guys.

Still there was so much beyond belief stuff in this show. Mix in a little romance from time to time and Caleb falling in love with a ghost..and then the end. I do wonder where the show will go from here. Tough to know. But if the rating were really good on ABC Family. Chances are..we will be seeing it again. But it might not be until September.

Is it really goodbye forever?????????
I want the show to turn into “Ghost Caleb Adapts to Modern Times” and he becomes bffs with real Caleb who we know is a tech expert/hacker and it’s just going to be such fun.-mbw

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