Saturday, June 6, 2015



To some they'll be appalled. To other's its just what they've been waiting for on LOGO. In conjunction with a UK network comes Cumber/Banana (Its companion show). Its sort of the Shameless of gay life drama in Manchester without being too shameful. Honestly, its filled with rich and complicated characters centering around Henry Best (Vincent Franklin) who is on the outs with his partner Lance (Cyril Nri) over Henry's new found interest in Freddie Baxter (Freddie Fox).

Sure we can see why Lance is hurt and would want to find another. The tale is gritty and told from many pov's.

I'll have to say the crux of the whole show ..for me was the life of Lance, from flashbacks to present giving you the idea what he'd been through over the decades.

The show has many provoking storylines. Some will learn more from them than others. I can't hardly wait for next season! You can check out the show at LOGO.

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