Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oh, what a night

oh, what a night

At least..I survived. But add tequila..and you don't know what might go wrong. Drunk writing and computer difficulties. Not a good mix.

It was only one drink. Still, I regret it terribly..this morning.

Mojo stepped on my foot when I was trying to get to the bedroom door. I had had some trouble in the middle of the night..thinking I knew where I was the dark of my room. NOT

I almost ended up in my closet. For a second there.. I was certain I had found a mystery room in the house. (may need to put that in the novel.)

Oh..and he just smiles now, when I talk about it. 

I did not sleep well (due to almost getting locked out of my ipad) and then..when I did sleep, somebody woke me up, to tell me she needed to go out.

It did rain last night and there are lots of leaves on the ground.

I need to write some more on nano..still, I'm doing much better than I expected this time.

As they say..always write more!

Up to 71 pages now.

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