Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

"Why is it when you say thank you, it still feels like you're saying I'm sorry." Milo remembered those melancholy words. He guessed he said it, but it sounded like something from a far off K-drama he remembered memorizing in Korean.

The airplane was reaching new altitudes now, and he was somewhere in the clouds. His head was stuffy and he couldn't quite remember yesterday. Other than running around as if everything was one last chance. Getting his belongings at KaRa's and whatever he'd left behind at Yugi's.

He'd said his goodbyes and it was so sad, he felt as if he might be in quicksand. He knew it was asking too much. He knew he was probably wrong.

At every turn he felt the horror of leaving Ellie behind. He didn't want it to happen.

Especially, when he'd felt her true laughter, and he knew it would not change a decade or so from now. He would be happy around her, where ever they might go. There was no need to spend money on frivolous things like fashion nor hipster toys. All he needed was to know how her presence was always warm in the cold, the unknown, the now. It was a certainty that adventure awaited.

He smiled as if Christmas was everyday. The weight of her leaning, slumbering next to him.

Not in a million years did he think it would come to be. After all, they'd talked all night she'd spent with him. Sleep was on neither of their mind. So much to catch up on. Places he'd been. Did she still like cream in her coffee? Did he really know how to make a rice omelete?

Honestly, it had been ages since he'd felt this happiness. And he wasn't typing away... alone... facing a fat screen computer, wondering what sort of room she was in, typing back to him. Now, no words were spoken, just to be here. Together. Letting it be.

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