Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Everything was so brand new. It felt like Christmas was hardly over and to land into the hustle and bustle of a crowded New York City... in the most freezing temperatures felt as if Ellie had hardly left home.

But she was a foreigner in this place. Everywhere she looked, everyone was speaking anything but Korean.

Thankfully, Milo didn't let go of her hand for a second. His friend Rocco picked them up at the airport.

Ellie could hardly speak when she saw him. He looked like someone she knew from back home, but who? She was afraid to ask him if he knew Korean, yet from the moment he opened his mouth..she knew couldn't

"We used to work at a radio station together." Milo said when he introduced his friend. "We met at the University."

Ellie nodded and smiled. She didn't know if she should speak. It would probably be better if she let the two of them talk.

"Man, I never thought you were coming back." Rocco was happy to see him as he loaded up their stuff in his little sporty car that said "Spark".

Ellie winced, wondering if it were electric. She nursed her bottom lip, thinking she'd ruined a moment for Milo's friend. She could tell, he'd rather be alone with Milo than to have her around. Still, she noticed he kept looking at her.

"We'll be staying at my grandmother's." Milo told her as they loaded in the backseat.

Rocco gave him a perturbed look. "You're seriously going to make me your chauffeur?"

Milo's impish grin pursed with a nod. He put his arm around Ellie.

"Who would have thunk it? It would really happen." Rocco shook his head as he buckled himself in and got ready to take off into the city.

The little red car weaved in and out of pokey cars, practically stuck in traffic, but not Rocco. At one time, Ellie was certain he was driving on the sidewalk. She clung on to Milo, who chuckled.

"He was a race car driver in another life." He softly told Ellie.

Of course, it was the dead of night in the cold city. But after so many stop lights, they finally made it to the freeway and a half hour later they were at the steps of the brownstone.

Rocco unloaded the car and brought the stuff in.

Ellie wasn't sure what to think. The place did have its charm. Still, it felt so strange to Ellie, who's legs felt so wobbly.

Rocco put on a pot of coffee. He was right at home, evidently.

He poured the cups of coffee.

"I made the room up for you." Rocco told him.

"I knew you would." Milo thanked him.

Ellie couldn't help but look at the two of them, a little strange.

Rocco got out some cookies and fruit.

Rocco took a couple sips of coffee, then got up and put his cup in the sink.

"Well, I'm turning in. Hope you sleep well." He told Ellie he was happy to meet her. She only mumbled something back and watched him go to the guestroom.

"He lives here?" Ellie looked at Milo.

"What are friends for?" Milo grinned back.

Ellie did her best to keep even lipped. She wasn't so sure she could get used to this, but she guessed she would have, too.

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