Friday, January 5, 2018

Nico & Violet

Nico & Violet

Who would have to meet up with them at the fried chicken place? Violet's brother, Kenzo.

Nico couldn't be sure if he was just checking up on them, or wanted a free meal. He was beginning to think the latter.

Did Kenzo get his sister anything for Christmas? Of course not. While she had knitted him a big enough scarf to be practically a blanket. Nico didn't know why she was so nice to him. Naturally, she'd made him a scarf too, in a bag with all his favorite sweets.

He'd given her slippers and a few K-pop and fashion magazines. True, it was a last minute gift, but she was so happy to get it. Not even a phone call from her mom.

He knew if he thought about it, he'd be bitter and he certainly didn't want to start the new year that way.

So yes, Kenzo was there for plenty of beer and chicken. Afterwards, he drifted down to the park with them.

"Don't you have any friends? Kenzo?" Violet asked the question that Nico, wanted too. He would be holding Violet's hand if it wasn't for her brother, who gave Nico the evil eye, ever so often, as if he might pound him, if he made a move on Violet.

"Remember, I've been to Paris, and the states before that." He pursed his lip as if he was too good for anyone around here.

"But..what about work?" Violet winced. "Haven't you met anyone?"

"Why would I want to date somebody from work?" He snarled his nose as if it would be beneath him to think such rot.

Nico knew she was ready to kick him, but he took her hand, showed Kenzo what he was doing.

"Oh, he'd rather be your bodyguard, don't you know." He stared down Kenzo, who winced back, but didn't have much to say.

"Why don't you, buy us some cotton candy?" Nico then said. They'd found a spot. He helped Violet put the blanked on the cold ground.

"Make it popcorn." Violet then smiled to her brother who turned to the concessions.

"How could you ever stand him?" Nico wanted to know after they plopped down on the blanket and looked to the night sky.

"He's always been..kind of ..a loner." She told Nico. "Kind of like you."

"Me?" Nico winced hard. "I'm not a loner." He shook his head.

."I think so." She slyly looked at him.

Nico wondered what else she thought was wrong with him.

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