Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter!

I dunno what Easter means to you, but when I was little I generally had an ear infection during this holiday. So it wasn't as fun filled as one might expect. Sure, there were Easter egg hunts, long church services, just to wait for ham and jello salads at the nearby school gym where the Easter service and egg hunts would begin and end.

It was also a time for old friends to meet for school reunions, and I would have to listen to old stories of my mother's friends. Her cousins would come and they would have high school kids. Late at night, this would be the group who would find the only bootlegger in town. They would come home sick and sleep through those services I would attend.

Honestly, I can't say I ever felt good during those Easters, but now I miss them. That hometown charm, where did it go? Yes, we knew too much of everybody's business, but the baseball games were free and there was laughter. Nobody stayed too naughty back then.

Here's to a springtime fest, giving a renewed faith in what helps heal the soul. And have something sweet remind you ... you can still be a kid when you want to be.

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