Wednesday, December 9, 2020

my kind of sweater weather

 Zhang Ming En made his debut in Mystic Nine (which I loved) later Tomb of the Sand (and even better). Loved his bromance in Tientsin Mystic with Li Xian. Something about him is a fresh face with a very old soul. Oh, and this fellow can move in such mysterious ways. He can be so serious and then smile! Look for him in Tientsin Mystic 2, and Insect Totum. I think I like his adventures in C-Dramas over his romances (super great in Destiny's Love), but still..he's one to watch for!


  1. I didn't know any of his work, but he is very handsome.

  2. Haha I'd take that sweater off him ;-) He is very good looking :-D

  3. LOL Ananka! Oh, it was so funny he was in this drama where he's an immortal and his love interest is the woman doctor and they get lost in a cave together. At the end of the show she is saying, "Take your clothes now."

  4. Tengo pendiente Tientsin Mystic, pero como veo tantas series aun no he tenido tiempo de verla. Pronto veré que tal es de actor. Eso si es un chico muy guapo. Re mando un beso


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