Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tuesday muses



Reading: Not too much this week. It's been busy with work. Making up hours. I read over my own stuff..sorry, my editing hasn't improved but I keep trying.

Writing: Not nearly much as I would like. I haven't written my friend in PA either. As of late, I would write every week or so. Although, I e-mail some of my writing along the way since I shall confess since she wanted me to write anyway... something for her..Caitlin is based on her and well, we've had a few scabbles about it. Yet, I haven't told her who Caitlin is based on her still she might find Caitlin nothing like her. I don't think she is.

Listening: I've had Pass This On by THE KNIFE on repeat. Yeap, just stuck in my head. So cold and snowy here. Its a warm vibe of a song that takes me away. At least for a little while..

Thinking: Another co-worker has COVID. It scares me. Although, I went out with friends for pizza last Friday night. It was just the 3 of us. It was good to hear how they are staying safe at work and everywhere they go. Of course, Natty can't help but play pool. She still has too. If she wins she drinks all these shots. Then she was telling me about the 8th eye. I still haven't figured that one out. Of course, she did have two glasses of red wine at dinner. I just had rootbeer. Yeah, I know I am so boring. Anyway, she says each moring before they let her in at the warehouse she has to have her temp taken. We haven't gone that far at work.

Smelling: Actually, I have been smelling a lot of things..just because..the fear of not smelling. Naturally, a certain someone can smell up the bathroom. The boyfriend had to have beans and beans and chili the last week. Yeah, smelly on the downside.

Wishing :  I wasn't so old. I could be stronger. I could not want so much. I was smarter. I want to enjoy the mundane things more.

Waiting: Waiting for things to get better. Maybe they already are and I just don't know it. Sometimes, I feel there is no point in waiting, but to just do. I wish I could accomplish more. I so want to make a few things. I just need to do it.

Wearing: I got a new oversized sweatshirt that I love. Great for these cold days around my place. Of course, I guess I don't have to notice how much winter weight I've gained and I guess that's a bad thing, but oh well.

Wanting: To say the wrong things. I feel certain my friends thought I was one wisecrack after another. But it was to keep my thoughts short because I didn't want to monopolize our conversation when we went out. But I have a feeling I was negative about some people we talked about. But I was being honest. I hope I wasn't too bad of a friend.


  1. Haha so old? I wish that too!

    I have a good sense of smell, I swear it is a curse!

    1. Oh Ananka, I adore you! I hope you are having a good week. Of course, smelling nice things too!

  2. Esperó que tu compañero este mejor y que las musas vuelvan con ganas me gusto la sudadera y el sombrero. Te mando un beso

  3. It's funny how songs get stuck in our head!


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