Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday Musings


1. I'm missing my dog. It's strange how one thought can lead to another when I remember she's been gone a year. Of course, other people in my life have been gone even longer. Well, you know this leads to sleepless nights and long afternoon naps. And it is hibernating weather here.

2. Thank goodness for EOS handcream. I just need to use it up. Not let it go to waste. Over the years I would save up this tube of hand cream and what not..just to find..God, what is this stuff! So I got the EOS for Christmas..so I better use it up. And my hands have been mighty dry this winter!

3. Finally found time to trim those witchy nails of mine and then got my crystal file to them to widdle them even more. It's best to have very short nails where I work since I cover books, take apart CD casees and of course the constant book checking from quartine to double checking. My fingers come across a lot of books. So I managed to try my Maybelline FAST GEL in Sinful Stone. Kind of a neutral brown. Very nice. And it's quick!

4. Oh, Hu Xia Ling has been so inspiring in S.C.I. and so I have had some fun writing about Frankie in my storyblog. It's been enlightening thinking more about his character. Truly, I feel Ling is very under-rated and I so hope he gets more ML in dramas. He really deserves it!

5. Stray Kids' Hyunjin has brought inspiration to a new character in my Ellie blog. Actually, I was inspired from someone I met at the library. It just stuck with me. And I was going through Pinterest this face popped up. And I was fascinated that he made me think of this person. So it kind of went from there. I know. The strangest things make me happy.


  1. Like the photos of the polish. I think missing pets is worse than missing the people who are gone :-(

  2. Uy yo me muero s in mis perritas, y si me ha pasado que veo un rosto o alguna cosa y la utilizo en mi novela. Genial te mando un beso


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