Thursday, March 18, 2021

the time we became arch-enemies

 Oh, at first we thought it was the beginning of something. Maybe love, but we were both new to that. After all, we'd endured so much trying to keep up with our studies.

We met one weekend, touring the University of our dreams, hoping to get in. Yes, it was a spectacular day. And we hit it off with all the right answers. So of course, we exchanged ways to keep in contact and we must have danced about with texting for weeks on in. It felt so right. Set in stone. And then the Uni didn't have room for us, but we could still go to class. We decided to find a place together, for education's sake. And all was calm. It was really a happy beginning, but we needed something to do. So we found a game that was worth exploring. Funny, it didn't feel like a world within a world. Oh, the dark arts took over and you became one of them. While I was a healer working on my cultivations. Just in a more glowing realm. Who knew the skills we'd achieve so spontaneously, yet leaving nothing for each of us to say to the other. Maybe we weren't wise at all. If I could somehow bring you back. But no, that's you in the corner (losing credits), looking pale with dark circles under your eyes. I want to be full of hate, but somehow I can't. After all, I am a healer.


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