Saturday, April 3, 2021



Honestly, I can't say I know what Amber thought of me. Seeing me that day where she worked. With my sister. I felt as if I needed to become invisible, perhaps. Besides, when would I see her again. She was busy. So up and coming. Certainly, she'd leave this little village soon enough with great expectations. I wanted to keep faith in that.

Besides, there was work to do at the youth center, from one on one counseling to group activities. Oh, and the footballers. That's when I saw her again. Her delivery van broke down by the football field and we were just finishing up. Of course, I felt I needed to help. Although, I didn't know it was her, right away.

It was late afternoon and she had a delivery to get to.

"Oh, I thought folks picked up cakes, didn't know you did this part too?" I smiled. She smiled back and said she was a Jackie of all trades, sometimes. 

"We don't have that many on staff and technically we aren't a real bakery," Amber told me. "But we get orders for things like this." She looked at her old watch, evidently, time was closing in. So I went to work and did what I could with the tools she had. Luckily, the old van started right up.

"Do you want me to come with you, just in case?" I smiled.

She smiled back but was so shy. Finally, I got a nod after I told her I had nothing going on. It wasn't until we were down the road aways that she said to me that she knew who I was.

"Oh, my reputation succeeds me," hopefully that didn't put her off.

"I think we were in World History," she nodded.

"Really?" I winced. That long ago. Not quite a decade, but still.

"You were very distracting," She kept her eye on the road as if she needed to get the cake delivered or else. I only laughed softly. It was a quiet ride to the country.

Thankfully, we found the cottage and I carried the cake in. Suddenly, we were a couple.

"Oh, Ams, we had no idea this was your top-secret, not that flour you're using," the old woman smiled.

It was an Anniversary cake. Her children were celebrating the occasion. 

Naturally, Amber kept quiet while I introduced myself. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'd never been anyone's accidental beau before. Of course, they wanted us to stay for the party.


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