Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lockdown Diary

 It was kind of nice to let the old folks think what they wanted about Maxie's and me. I'd wonder what kind of romance that would be? Yeah, it made me smile. Honestly, I'm just glad nobody brought up the past. Neither did I.

And that's the way it started. Having a helping hand, handy with the tools in that old delivery truck. Oh, I didn't want to be smitten. I've been jilted before. I'm one of those who have learned not to dream too big. 

But, if Jamie had never left me, I might not have ever found my way back to cakes, you know. I kind of think of it as a fork in the road. One was wide yet empty and the other might as well have swallowed me up in a cave.

I spent a lot of time in that kitchen back at the cafe, just baking as if my soul needed after he split at the wedding.

So I know the folks are kind and they care and well I had a good laugh the night it happen. Or until I cried myself to sleep that night. Alone. Still a little guilty having the cottage my Gram gave me, hoping I would start a family soon with Jamie. Of course, she died before the wedding. 

Yes, it was as if I hit an all-time low after such a high that time with Maxie. Really, I knew it was only a one-shot deal even if he said he'd be happy to help me anytime I needed it. But I'm not one for asking.

And then one afternoon as I was getting off my shift he was waiting for. Said, his motorbike was up to speed and he needed a test run.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I didn't exactly feel  up to running away with him.

"Oh, just around here, not too far," Of course, he kept smiling. There was no way I could say no. Thank God, I had my leggings under my skirt. The fall was starting to feel chilly then. But all seemed well in the village at that time. And he did have an extra helmet.

So off we went with the sunset to our back and the wind in our face. All I could was hold on to him, and I knew then he was one to hold on too. Always checking to see if I was OK, if he was going to fast, would I  like to go faster.

"We can't go too far, Especially, if we breakdown!" I yelled back. 

"Have some faith in me, Ambs!" He shouted back of the roar of the bike. 

I smiled then. Yes, I needed faith, but he'd have to get me through this ride first.


  1. So poignant! I love this part: "But, if Jamie had never left me, I might not have ever found my way back to cakes, you know. I kind of think of it as a fork in the road." Cakes and a fork -- clever!

  2. Riding a motorbike fast scares me.

  3. Siempre hay que tener fe y confianza. Te mando un beso


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