Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lockdown Diary


Those little trips on my bike were the beginning of something. I still find meself smiling about it from time to time. Cause, in all seriousness, I didn't think I  had a chance with that lass Ambs. I mean, we are from different worlds even if we grew up in the same village and had classes with many of the same folk. Although, we never really talked about anyone. No, our little adventures started out by accident. Helping each other out. Maybe thats how we started as friends.

I guess I look confident, but not really. I mean my past is a wee troubling. Although, I've played my cards right, after all this time. Possibly, it was an old eye injury that set me back from being too much of an idiot. Only an old bloke like me takes a good beating before it sets in, "You best, change your ways lad."

Anyway, there's a small dark floater in my left eye, as a reminder not to get into a fight. Besides, I spent some time from home in my secondary years. Yeah, later on it was not so bad. Naturally, I told all this gloomy shite to Ambs. Like maybe I was trying to keep her from getting attached. Of course, that could have been just me. I don't always know what she thinks. 

But she has a way of holding my hand through everything. Tells me from time to time how far I've come. Damn, I didn't want to be a pity party. I just wanted her to know. Thinking it would scare her away. But no, those bike trips just got longer until they turned into weekend camping trips.

Not once did she ever mention this Jamie fellow. It wasn't until I was tending the bar at the pub one night that some old lady who was waiting for her man, mentioned it to me.

"Oh, he was the love of her life," she said all matter-of-fact. I listened with a nod, racking my brain, did I know of any Jamie?

"When he left her at the alter, we thought she might do herself in," she shook her head.

"Well, I'm glad that didn't happen." I smiled back with optimism.

"You take care of our lass, young fellow," she pointed at me, and for a moment I thought that old woman might turn me into a mouse or something. I guess I looked at her a bit bug-eyed and found myself promising I wouldn't do a thing to harm Amber.

God, it's like everybody in this village knows everything before I do.


  1. I do love how quaint and charming the setting is.


  2. I really enjoyed this. I love first-person fiction, and this guy is so vulnerable. Ambs sticking with him even when he tries to scare her away is what everyone wants -- to be loved and accepted despite very human flaws. I hope things work out with these two.

  3. Uy genial entrada adoro esos diarios . Te mando un beso


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