Friday, April 23, 2021

Megan & Cori


What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

MEGAN: Oh, don't even go there with me. (shakes head as if it's too hard to remember.)

CORI: She was lied to a lot growing up. Her grandmother is evidently the best, so if you listened to how easy it is, then you've got to be good at it. (starts to hug himself and stares at Megan who is looking away and acts as if she can't really answer correctly.)

MEGAN: Well, he is right. Truth be told we have both been lied to by our family so.. ( She blows out her cheeks and looks a bit like a chick or a duck. She then sighs.) Well, I do try to be honest. A lot of times, I just don't tell him everything. (She shrugs.)

CORI: I still don't know everything about her. (He sighs ever so slightly.) Of course, I haven't told her everything either because I..know..I'm kind of weird too. (He looks away.)

MEGAN: Yeah, he had an imaginary girlfriend. That wasn't exactly a piece of cake to compete with, you know.

CORI: But that is so over. (He gives her the eye.)

MEGAN: (She smiles back with an open smile at him) Until next time.

CORI: Yeah, next time I'll be meeting a doppelganger of your ex. (He gives her a serious look.)

MEGAN: What goes around comes around. (She is in a pout as if she wants him to feel what she's felt about his imaginary girlfriend.)

Guys, did we even answer the question? (Both laugh softly.)

Caitlin & Megan


  1. Me cae muy bien Cori genial entrada. Te mando un beso

  2. This is so fun! Like an interview with a celebrity couple (which I guess l feel they are from knowing them from your other blog :). I like that Cori admits that he's weird, even if it's to explain why he's still hiding things. Admitting you're odd (as we all are) is the first step!


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