Thursday, May 6, 2021

Deano & Roman


 How did you guys meet?

DEANO: It was at a party. (Deano nods with a smile as if he's almost certain.) He was playing around with this lab in the kitchen. Everyone was drinking, of course. I wasn't. Not really. Not like the others. Roman might have been drunk, but the way he was talking to that dog it was like his very best friend. Then out of nowhere some pitbull shows up. The guy just let it in, like it lived there. I dunno where it came from and before we know it, a dog fight breaks out and Roman saves the lab in the process. He got blood all over him, but he's like the dog whisper..I guess. He hushed that pitbull right up and before you know it he's loving on that dog like a long-lost friend and the lab is calm. It was amazing. (he smiles) That was back in high school.

ROMAN: Oh, he was a geeky kind of kid. Every girl's best friend. I swear they liked to take him along when they dated those super jocks, cause I dunno, they loved the Deano. (Roman smiles with a sigh). I think he was in my art class. Dunno if he actually did any art. The teacher got upset with him one day and told him to leave because he was just a distraction. Honestly, he was doing nothing except smiling that boyish smile of his. But of course, he came back the next day. I swear he was the sweetest with teachers. Never talked back. He respected the music teacher the most. Always helping out with moving band equipment even if he wasn't even in the band. (Roman nods with a smile). He can play just about anything he can pick up. He even reads music but he plays by ear. I don't think he likes anyone to know this because he keeps saying he's not a real musician. But, hell that boy has played with just about every band in town just to jam. He won't go on stage. Says the crowd makes him want to shit his pants, you know what I mean. (Roman listens to what Deano remembers about him.) Yeah, well, I'm just a face in the crowd, you know. (He grins) Man, I can't believe he remembers that dog fight. Um, the pitbull might have been in heat. Oh yeah, I like dogs. Wish I had one. Things might be better in my world if I had one. I walked dogs one summer. Didn't pay all that much. I guess it was the wrong neighborhood. (He chuckles and shakes his head.) Can't believe my Deano called me the dog whisper.


  1. Deano y Roman son chicos muy dulces te mando un beso

  2. I really enjoyed finding out how Roman and Deano met! When Roman talks about Dean being every girl's favorite friend ("I dunno, they loved the Deano." LOL!) it totally meshed with everything I know about him from your other blog. Both Roman's and Deano's voices are so true to who they are. Spot on characterization as always!

  3. Oh, it was also cool to find out that Dean's quite the musician!


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