Saturday, May 22, 2021



Do you think things are getting better with the pandemic?

AMBER: Kind of. (she winces) I dunno. I'm still waiting for the vaccine. I mean, I hear about all these people getting it. And then those who won't have of it. There have been problems. And..and (she winces even harder) I really ..really feel we are so locked up. Very very far from normal. But they tell us any day'll reopen. (she hugs herself hard) I've done a few gigs here and there. Small birthday parties, actually. (she tries to smile) It's hard to get supplies and if I do, so expensive, you know. These days I'm doing well to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I'm waiting..for the most part. MAXIE: True it's been a struggle. (he smiles) I'm a bull in a china closet some of the time, but I've been keeping my cool. I mean, I wish I knew more going on with my sis, but she's being a real devil these days. I suppose that's to be expected. (he sighs) We do our best to follow the rules. Seriously, if it hadn't been for my work, I might not have ever gotten the vaccine. They go on how its so available, but you have a dandy of a time getting on the list some times. Ambs still hasn't gotten it. And my work isn't exactly in person, you know. Always on a video chat or just the mobile, you know. It's like I'm really getting used to this nightmare. Might as well be life.


  1. No toca otra que seguir luchando en algunos países la cosa mejora en otros como mi país las cosas todavía están duras. Te mando un beso

  2. The pandemic struggle is real. Amber's commentary shows how hard it is to keep a small business afloat. And when Maxie says "I'm a bull in a china closet some of the time, but I've been keeping my cool." he's expressing what lots of people feel. Great metaphor!


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