Saturday, June 5, 2021


 When did you know he was a keeper?

AMBER: Um, I'd like to say it was the time he opened the cable box in the midst of the night and a bunch of wasp came flying out. (she smiles) and the internet came back on. Right manly of him, you know. (she laughs softly.)

Honestly, he can listen to me for hours and remember everything I said. He also puts up with my experiments. But the man loves his sweets. Dunno how he keeps in shape. (she can't keep from smiling.) Honestly, though he's been calm through all our ordeals during the pandemic. He's made a meal out of so little. He'll even go hunting if I let him. And he's really good in bed. My snoring hasn't affected him. (she shrugs) I knew it right away with one kiss, actually. I knew I wanted him. (she almost winks).

MAXIE (He just smiles with his hands clasped together. Finally she takes one of his.) I dunno, every day is an adventure. I'm sure most would find us stupid ninnies, but you know, isn't that most couples. We really aren't sure what we are doing. (His smile is open as he chuckles) A good hug can do you a world of good from time to time. Sure, there were times we had so little and we weren't sure where the next meal would be from. We might not be the smartest tools in the shed, but there are so know..during the pandemic. But we got by. We read lots of good books together. We rationed the wine just as much as our tea bags on occasion. We knew neighbors who were worst off and we did what we could for them too. (He squirms a smile and looks at her, kisses the top of her hand)  She might think I'm crazy from time to time. But just with flour and some spam and cheese, we fed a few. It was better than sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. You could say, a lot of experimenting was going on. (He looks at Amber). Of course, I wanted her..even way before day one. I remember her when we were in classes. Just took a pandemic before we could get together. I guess.


  1. Muy tierna pareja te mando un beso

  2. Amber speaks very beautifully about love

  3. These two are so sweet and endearing! They really appreciate each other. I think it's interesting that Amber mentioned their sex life as a plus, whereas Maxie focused on their hugs. I find that role reversal romantic!


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