Saturday, June 26, 2021



Oh, that Max...he can really surprise me sometimes. All this time he was at home on the net he'd been scouting all these cooking contests. Finally, one proved to be true and before I knew it, he's filming me on his phone and he's sending in a segment to the contest.

Even stranger, they'd been looking for me. Like I could have my own cooking show. There have been some highs and lows. At times I just want to be on the beach. 

It's so stressful. I just think I'll make a mistake, but I have Maxie to cheer me on. And there are some weekends he really knows how to take me away from all this craziness. So yeah, he's had his way with me..or maybe I've had my way with him which has really relieved me from worrying about the competition.

So far I'm in the rounds. I've won a couple. Especially, the birthday cake one. Still, a few more rounds to go that happen later in July. So thankful I can enjoy least a little. Although, we are back in business at the cafe and I have lots to do. And happy to be back in the kitchen.


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