Monday, June 21, 2021

When Lavender met Mint

 He was terribly quiet. Like he was in another world, but he collided with mine at the water fountain. at school And in spite of the surge of happiness emerging, I sprayed water all over his chest. Yeah, not the greatest beginning. 

But he always liked getting my essays from the questions in history class. Yes, he thought they were downright comical..evidently. He found such pleasure in reading them aloud. Of course, he edited my handwriting but never told me I was wrong.

Of course, my next big step was to get close to his mom. I found out he didn't start talking until he was almost four. He said he hadn't anything to talk about so my talk. I became friends with his little brother too.

I guess that's where the fangirling ended. He always made me laugh and was always up for an adventure. While someone read his life away. I just didn't know it then. Possibly, I wasn't the smartest tool in the shed.

Yet I knew he was my prototype.


  1. cool

  2. Whoa. Very intriguing. The title is an attention grabber, and the end about the prototype tells us just how intensely meeting Mint has influenced Lavender. It's kind of creepy and kind of sweet. Love it!!


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