Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Liu Xue Yi

 in 2013 he made his official debut by appearing in the costume drama "Shangguan Waner".

 Yi just might be one of the most under-rated actors around. You just never know what you'll get. His character was rather twisted in Love & Redemption, but I love his character from the Lost Tomb series the most. You might get a different actor for the ML but he plays old the oldest friends of the ML. Still, one wonders is he really good or he could be bad. Sometimes, he has to do bad things to get some things done yet he never goes too far. Recently, I have been watching him in Ancient Poetry. Naturally of the epic fantasy nature and honestly, I had never seen him smile until then. He is the ML in Qing Luo which is a historical comedy (this is something the Chinese are very good at). Of course, he's the stoic one. He has more ML dramas scheduled in the future.

Yi is 31.


  1. Se ve muy guapo. Te mando un beso

  2. He looks younger than 31, very handsome. I love his rainbow robe! Also, I didn't know that the Chinese are known for historical comedy. Interesting!


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