Saturday, July 3, 2021


 What are some strange things you did during the pandemic?

MAXIE: Well, first of all..I can't say if it's really over yet. It changes every day you see the tele keeps changing it's mind. know, being at home so much..yeah..(he smiles) it got kind of strange. (He looks at Amber and puts his fingers through her hair) This lass, wanted her hair to be Repunsels, evidently. She put all sorts of goop on her hair. (he makes a face of disgust). She actually would put this essential oil of tree oils, lavender, and rosemary on her head along with aloe vera gel if she could come by it. You can't imagine how elated she'd be if it came through Amazon. Once we got a jug of aloe vera juice. (he laughs) That would not do. So (He blinks as if it must be magic) the hair grows and grows..and she expects me to trim it. (He pushes his index finger into  his chest.) She expects me to do it. (He looks wide-eyed)

AMBER: It was no problem (she shakes her head and pushes her foot into his ankle.) He loves cutting hair. It was like he was afraid it would get too long. (She shrugs) How about the time you went crazy making eggs. All sorts of ways. (she rolls her eyes)

MAXIE: Okay, that was not one of my better ideas but..but we did make some good homemade apple cider. (He grins).

AMBER: He likes to only wear his knickers and slippers around the house. Everyday.

MAXIE: You weren't any better. (he shakes his head with a wince.)

AMBER: First off, we thought it might be fun to see who could stay naked the longest. (she smiles)

MAXIE: It's not that comfortable, really. (Maxie smiles with a shrug and looks at Amber) You know, you can't cook without anything on. She loves her aprons. (He smiles with a nod.)


  1. Uy que dulce pareja te mando un beso

    1. oops that sweet couple I send you a kiss

  2. I love hearing about what people, even fictional ones, are doing during the pandemic, so this installment is right up my alley. I really liked the part about Amber trying to grow Rapunzel hair. My husband trims my hair too (and did even before the pandemic), so I think it's sweet and can relate. The naked part is funny, too. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where one of Jerry's girlfriends hangs out in his apartment naked all the time and he gets sick of it, LOL.


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