Saturday, July 17, 2021


 We tried our best. Hopefully, Bailey felt the love. It wasn't quite the hen party. I really struggled to schedule this baby shower. Honestly, it was all so iffy. We did it in the backyard and only about 3 guests at a time. It was Star Wars themed (That was Tobey's idea. I had no clue he loves the series so much). Our one neighbor brought her Molly with the Leia buns. Of course, she made a set just for Baily's babe.

Lots of sweet love for that Molly. The hit of the party. I even got to hold her. Yes, I envy Baily. I actually do. I feel a bit of a misfit of late, wondering what do I do to make something happen. Not that it was that kind of party. I didn't bring it up with Maxie's little sister, Baily. It was her day. Her favorite foods and cake.

It was nice spending the afternoon with the guest coming over. It was a sweet time. But it seems every day changes with COVID. One day the pub is open. The next, oh..take it outside and before you know it, the place is shut down. So really, lots of homemade gifts. I know Baily appreciates them I think she's even looking into cloth nappies, you know. 



  1. Buen fragmento todo cambia, Te mando un beso

  2. This is a bittersweet post for sure. Amber worked so hard to make Bailey's baby shower special even though she herself is feeling down. You show that so well in Amber's internal monologue.

    Love the "Where There's a Wookie There's a Way" tee and Molly in her Leia do!

    I'm glad that you're enjoying your K-dramas, even the one that's getting strange. And yes, misunderstood characters are often the best characters!


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