Wednesday, July 14, 2021

One of Summer's Best K-Dramas!

Na Young Won is a successful senior editor at the hit monthly magazine Monthly House. Although her glittering journalistic career spans a decade, her home situation is not quite as idyllic as those she spends her time reporting on. In fact, she lives alone in a rented house and happily makes adjustments as she sees fit. But when the magazine’s CEO Yoo Ja Sung buys the house and becomes her fussy new landlord, she is in for a shock. Yoo Ja Sung proves to be a very difficult landlord to keep happy. He grew up in poverty, initially working in the construction industry, but determined to make his fortune through real estate investment. For him, buying the house Na Young Won lives in is little more than another financial transaction. But as the duo starts to get to know one another, their attitudes toward the real estate market – and one another – start to change. Suddenly, Na Young Won starts to ask herself if she would be better off buying her own house...or beginning on an unlikely romance with her firm’s CEO!

 Oh, it's got iconic Jung So Min as playful as ever! As well as somewhat stoic Kim Ji Suk as her boss. On the brink of a maybe Office Romance between two very different people. She can make a house a home. He sells houses. Both grew up poor and have had their struggles. But he's somewhat a minimalist while she makes everything cozy. Add newcomer Jung Gun Joo to the mix as the poor-little-rich boy photographer that she works with and would like to really like her and you've got some fun chemistry. Along the way, you get to see some of the hottest properties in South Korea, including the house from Parasite!


  1. Do you know I still haven't seen Parasite yet!

  2. Me parece un genial dorama lo tendré en cuenta. Gracias por la recomendación

  3. That would be so weird if your boss (or boss's boss's boss) became your landlord! What an interesting premise. I like that these two have similar backgrounds. That always makes for the best romance. By the way, I've never read the Hunger Games -- too violent and cutthroat for me -- but I enjoyed reading about how you discussed it with your coworker. You really learn a lot about people based on their reactions to what they read!


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