Wednesday, June 29, 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year ❤️๐Ÿ’™❤️

 And the most dangerous time too... Fireworks, dogs on the loose. People who think they are party animals... as you start to wonder if they are just Neanderthals. 

Anyway, it is time for a party. Especially, in the states. So it's time to start thinking outside of the box. Especially, if you have a crowd to feed. So look in your cupboards and see what you can use to contain the party and make it presentable. Believe me, this is not the year you want to spend a fortune.

Just today, I finally went to lunch with a co-worker whose birthday was in January. We had waited that long to go out, and then we wondered..was that a mistake? She'd had COVID back then. And of course, worries about getting it again.

So of course, it will be a small crowd for the 4th here. But I think of some of my exciting times in the past in our front yard. One year I set the flower bed on fire with a Roman Candle. I was afraid it might hit the car. To my dismay or maybe a hurray..the two little boys from across the street had to announce to everyone at the library during the summer reading program, "That lady knows how to set fireworks!" And of course, we both giggled. 

I have found the little ones would prefer those glow necklaces and bracelets you get at Dollar Tree. Some would rather be in the bathtub with a new mini Barbie and of course, tear-free body wash and little wash clothes. 

Yet still, ask you feel safe? And this isn't about COVID, but about your neighborhood. Your house, the pool. You don't want to get inside my might be a real horror story.


  1. Life must go on, happy July 4th soon! Have a safe one.

  2. You never know with Covid, it does make you leery to go out sometimes. And that's a funny story about the 4th. :)

    Hope you have a nice holiday.

  3. Uggg I am not a fan of fireworks, I'd ban them for public use but an official display yeah by all means. Too many animals and people get hurt with them each year here.

    Wow that is scary, nearly 4th July already...quick year! Will be fun for your guys over there :-D

  4. Just today I was telling the husband that Fourth of July weekend is one of the happiest times of the year! So when I saw this post title, I was like, yep! Summer's just starting, the weather's warm, and the holiday's just about eating. No gifts to worry about or decorations to hang. I think that's because winter is so awful that it sort of demands we pull out all the stops, if only to distract ourselves from the gray sky and cold. Anyway, I hope your bash is a blast and that there are no Roman candle mishaps. Although your story, library link and all, was delightful. :)


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