Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Books with that Stranger Things Vibe


Paper Girls might be set in 1988 with a cast of 12-year-old girls delivering newspapers, but it's a classic comic from Brian K. Vaughan. While SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES by Ray Bradbury is a gem of a story that one can't resist. THE JUMBIES is a Caribbean folklore of an ordinary girl with such amazing bravery which is now a series. MAGIC FOR LIARS is a fantasy investigative noir you wouldn't want to miss. Meddling Kids has that freaky Scooby-Doo feel to it. And let's not forget Teeth in the Midst, 16-year-old Zoey has been haunted by the Devil's tongue legend so she runs away from home with a friend to find out more. These are some titles you might want to look for if you still need Stranger Things in your life.


  1. Hum...adoro dicas de livros, filmes...
    Boa semana!
    Beijos! :-*

  2. I'm looking forward to PAper Girls coming to (I think) Netflix?

  3. Cool covers - donno them and not up to date with Stranger Thigns!

  4. Geniales portadas, me gustan ese tipo de libros.

  5. What a great collection! Not to mention a killer visual. I never read Something Wicked This Way Comes but always wondered about it. Perhaps now is the time to find out!


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