Friday, July 1, 2022

Somebody wrote a book...


Ahn Jae Hyun hasn't made a K-drama since 2019 LOVE WITH FLAWS [Side note..I wasn't that fond of it. Especially, when in real life one of the supporting characters 'the gay older brother' committed suicide before the drama was finished..yeah..bad omen for sure.] The jokes were a lot to be desired. I always felt it was a code of some kind that maybe Hyun was trying to tell the world he was full of flaws, perhaps. 

Cha In Ha is still missed and did some fantastic supporting roles. I really feel he was on his way to more ML roles, but his manager found him at his home dead and it's never been disclosed what exactly happened.

Hyun is best known in Cinderella and the 4 Knights back in 2016. But my favorite stoic character he ever played was in the movie Fashion King, which was perfection since after all he's a model. But honestly, his wicked parts are best. His first ML role was BLOOD where he got to play a vampire double time. That's also where he met a co-star which lead to marriage and in an aftermath of anxiety issues. Of course, when you are a K-Pop star you live a very sheltered life. Although, that doesn't mean things can't go bad. And they did for him. Unfortunately.

So now he's behind the camera instead of in front of it. On June 8th his book THE LIST OF THINGS TO REMEMBER went on sale. I think he's showing his human creative side and that is a great thing to see. I hope he comes back to dramas, but this might be exactly what he's supposed to be doing. 


  1. Tal vez, algún raro lo haga. No he visto nada de él. Te mando un beso.

  2. I love when my favorite celebs write books! I agree that it's a chance for them to be creative and show their human sides. Also that, in this case, writing a book might be exactly what Ahn Jae Hyun should be doing. Because we're all, in a way, where we're supposed to be. Happy reading. :)


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