Friday, August 5, 2022

Jody & Aaron


Better Left Unsaid

What would you do if the fiance came home?

JODY: Oh, I have thought about it. Actually, a lot when Aaron first moved in. Wondering just how upset Andrew would be, but then as time went on I didn't think of it as much. Because he never came home. I know he has his reasons. He goes through them all the time. He feels needed there. And I know, it's probably my fault for not visiting. But I haven't wanted to miss work either. And well, (she smiles) I think if I went all the way to Kansas City..I wouldn't want to be alone. I would want Aaron with me. So, it's best to just wait it out. Not lose too much sleep over it. If it comes to an end. So be it. But he calls me every Saturday night at 9 pm. We have a chat. It feels really normal now. And well, Aaron and I haven't done anything we'd regret. So (she shrugs, but then looks up as if she might be struck by lightning) if I'm the bad one. Then I'll live with that.

AARON: I don't really know Andrew. (Aaron nods as he sits next to Jody) I'm not competing, or anything. I mean, I'm glad to be here for Jody. I think we get along. It's good that she's really helped me. I don't ever remember talking to anyone as much as I've talked to her. And..well, I'm less afraid. (he nods) I know that sounds stupid, but it hasn't been easy for me. You know, when you look one way, but can't seem to live up to the expectations. (he squints) Well, I've always felt that way with my mom. Perhaps, its how critical she can be. I just shut down after awhile..since..since I knew I would never be the son she wanted me to be. Still, I feel quite normal around Jody and well, Sal's the best. (His smile is open) I can only hope my real dad would at least be a little like him. But back to Andrew, I think he must trust Jody. I know I do.


  1. This IS interesting! I wonder where this will for these two... I'm assuming Jody was in some kind of relationship with Aaron, but... or rather Andrew, but does she have more in common with Aaron??

  2. I sort of forgot about Andrew! And I don't mind saying that I hope he never comes back. He wasn't very nice to Jody, and she and Aaron, whatever they are, seem like a much better fit.

    So happy to see the snack tray again! Thanks!!! 🧀🍓🍇


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