Wednesday, August 17, 2022



Oh, it was fun finding this one on Viki! YEAH! (2021) LIE TO LOVE❤️ It definitely starts off with a bang! She's out for revenge! Some owner of a hotel did her daddy wrong and she's like a hotel spy. Making quick changes, doing mysterious things. He on the other hand is kind of a lazy dude who is an heir to this huge hotel. Although, he is physically abused by his uncle who doesn't want him around. The uncle treats him so horribly, but somehow he hangs around. Usually, ends up at the bar. She gets a call that he's there, again. Drinking. So it's an accident of course when he bumps into her.

[SIDE NOTE: I really love her apartment above the coffee shop! Yes, I'd love to live there. Far from the maddening crowd and oh so cozy!]

"Didn't we..go camping before?" He asks. (Oh, I laughed out loud. I didn't see that line coming...and she responds, "Um, I wouldn't know, I have amnesia." Another burst of laughter from me. Of course, she's thinking, I gotta take this dude down. And of course, he's only thinking memory lane. Yeah, it's quite an interesting Chinese drama.

I won't lie, I didn't like her (Chen Xiao) drama with my boy Xu Kai in FALLING INTO YOUR SMILE which was about professional video game players playing video games. But this, oh she plays the Bitch from Hell with perfection and a back story of that happy-go-lucky girl before her dad met his doom.

Of course, Leo Luo can do no wrong. He can be in a bad drama and I would still watch it. But this one, I like the writing so far. And well, he makes himself at home in this that alone is worth the watch!


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  6. I love the colorful way you describe this show: "Some owner of a hotel did her daddy wrong and she's like a hotel spy. Making quick changes, doing mysterious things." This one sounds interesting! A hotel is always a hotbed for drama.


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