Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sunday tidbits

So I have finally found a book to discuss at THE BOOKGROUP. THE TOTE TROVE reviewed this book too. Any thoughts on Where the Crawdads Sing? At the library, we aren't really fans of this book. As one co-worker put it she found it unbelievable. Another just didn't like how it was written from the get-go (um, that was me!). Some were confused about the genre. Others found it the best literary novel out there. While a few felt what was she trying to do? Of course, if you love to read about nature, this book is for you. Owens has written plenty of nonfiction books. It will be interesting to see what her next novel is about.

I would never want to live this way. Although, it is always interesting to see the self-reliance age that we live in. I do find it quite interesting. 

OK, so I thought, hey I have a day off, lets get something done! Hahahahaa..well, it was like a volcano. I am still at my wits end as to what to do with my cluttered space. I even got some container. However, not nearly enough. I think my problem is, hanging on to some things far too long. Even plastic bags. So yeah, I might as well be living in a landfill. And what is worse, for the stuff I do already have in boxes, someone will ask me, "Hey, why don't I look through your stuff and see what I can throw away?" Of course, my response, "HELL NO." But anyway, it was nice to see this quick video to kind of get me in the mood.


Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser’s romance, which first began on the set of AMC’s “Mad Men,” has come to an end. Truly, they are two of my favorite actors. Although, I never thought they'd make it this far. As I remember he's from Minnesota and from a very art-driven family. Still, he was a bit odd or maybe just thrifty. When he first started acting, he just caught a bus. He didn't drive, but then who wants to drive in L.A. Still, it's sad to see their marriage end. After all, they have a son. I wish them all the best.


  1. Sorry to hear their marriage ended I watched the Gilmore girls she dated Mikos Ventimiglia a long time

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my Where the Crawdads Sing review! I really appreciate it. I'm so glad that we can agree to disagree. Books always have and always will make for the best conversations.

    Hats off to you for attempting to deep clean! This made me laugh: "So yeah, I might as well be living in a landfill." Probably because that's how I feel about how I live too! There are too many books to read and too many things to craft to waste time on cleaning, ha ha.

    And finally, yes, it's very sad about Alexis and Vincent. The entertainment business is so hard on couples and families, it's a wonder any of them make it at all.

  3. Uy como soy desordena te entiendo. Te mando un beso.

  4. I couldn't live like that very long either I don't think, but I did just buy Nomadland and am looking forward to reading about those peoples' experiences.


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