Wednesday, August 3, 2022

You Are My Glory

 Not gonna lie..I was afraid Viki wouldn't carry this drama. Oh, so long awaited. Yang and Dil together. The story of two that went to high school together. Granted he was practically a stone and she was as giddy as they come. Naturally, it wasn't going to happen. BUT...later she became an actress and he ended up being an engineer. As luck would have it..they play the same video games. And video games in China ..well..they are so much more addictive than we know what addictive game playing is. Yes, I can definitely see future wars being played out in video games, but I won't go there.

Now if you like a stoic Yang's the drama for you. Cold as can be at time. While I will say the best moment I ever watched of him was the first episode of Martial Universe which is a fantasy that is WAAAAY Out there. But he was so animated and honestly a joy to watch. Although, I might be one of the few who thinks this. 

Dil - Dilraba Dilmuraba is China's sweetheart, for the most part. If not, she should be. Give that girl anything and she'll run with it. She is awful good at making a celebrity look down to earth. She was this way in K-drama/C-drama Diamond Lover with Rain. Of course, the first drama I saw her in was the Chinese version of She Was Pretty, but she can run with the best of them in action pack dramas too, like Hot Girl where she was a fighter in the ring.

Anyway, I have made it through four episodes now. Let's see if I can do this. A third of this drama is about the video game. This seems to happen a lot in a Yang Yang drama. Granted this does give you the visuals. China seems to be making more and more amazing visuals in its dramas. And that alone is worth the watch.


  1. I'm so glad you're finally getting to watch this long-awaited show! This line made me smile: "Granted he was practically a stone and she was as giddy as they come." Also, the video game connection sounds intriguing. I didn't know that video games are more addictive in China than here! 🎮


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