Friday, September 9, 2022

Jay & Slater

 Do you still call each other every day?

SLATER: Damn straight. I gotta know what's going on with my Jay. I know he's in a slump. And I gotta make sure he's been fed. I wouldn't want the boy to starve. He's like a little brother I never had. (He cracks a smile) JAY: (Looks over him and laughs) You'd think we were in love or something. (He cracks up) But he puts the BRO in bromance. (He smiles) He's my friend. He's helped me from the get-go when I got out of prison. He's family. He's the man. I can only hope I've learned a thing or two from him. (he nods. Slater gives him a pat on the back).

Oh, and about Super Vanna?

Slater and Jay have a good laugh.

SLATER: Really, she doesn't look a thing like Vanna. (he smirks)

JAY: Well, if Vanna had gone to California to get into acting or something.

SLATER: I think she's channeling Taylor Swift in a..well, peculiar kind of way. (he nods)

JAY: Do we even remember her name? (Jay looks at Slater who shakes his head, no).

SLATER: Koda always kept calling her Super Vanna when he texted me. I guess she's the guest who doesn't want to leave. (Slater shrugs).


  1. I am so curious about Super Vanna now!!!!!!

  2. Jay es muy dulce, Geniales personajes. Te mando un beso.

  3. Me gusta Jay, geniales personajes. Citu

  4. "he puts the BRO in bromance" Slater is such a good friend to Jay. Especially now, when Jay is struggling. Speaking of which, it was fun to read this poignant yet light-hearted interview. And to learn more about the mysterious Super Vanna!


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