Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Mona & Nic

 Do you miss summer?

MONA: After last night, of course, I do! (Mona  chuckles) We've got snow. (she sighs as if she will have nothing of it.)

NIC: Not the prettiest snow either. It's just ..well (he shrugs) I thought it would be just that nuisance kind of snow, but its stuck like ice now. Not what you want your first snow to be at all.

MONA: (Looks at him as if she has no idea what he's talking about) It's cold.

NIC: Not that cold. (He shakes his head as if he's a pro when it comes to winter) I just don't want to drive in it. You know, you don't know how the tires will handle it with all this dry spell we've had. Plus, it's a dry snow.

MONA: A dry snow? (she shakes her head) I want summer back. I want to have warm nights and fireflies.

NIC: But Christmas is coming. All those Christmas lights will look splendid in the snow.

MONA: (She shoots him a look as if he's got to be kidding me. Nic puts his arm around her)

NIC: (He smiles) And of course, it's the best snuggling weather. Who needs summer?


  1. I miss the good weather! But Christmas is good, I like the lights too!

  2. Other amazing chapter
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Aww that's cute. Mona thinking all his answers are goofy is fun :)

  4. Divertido fragmento te mando un beso

  5. I agree with Mona: team summer! But Nic does his best to make winter appealing. Christmas lights and snuggles are strong contenders.

    Love the tough but tender aesthetic in the collage! 🖤🎀


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